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CURRENT WORKSHOP: Creative Writing through Movement

Currently available 8/7/18 - 8/23/18 in MD, VA, and D.C.


Explore your creative impulses through writing, art, theatre, and the space between. First, we will dig into our subconscious through a personalized series of writing, poetry, and visual art exercises to find inspiration and develop our own unique pieces. Then, we will get on our feet and choreograph our favorite moments and scenes using certified theatrical, movement, and combat techniques. Finally, we will return to our pieces to revise our work based on the experience of embodying our characters and emotions. By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid start on a piece that is completely unique to your own style and method of expression. No previous poetry, art, or theatre experience required!



MARIANNE MURPHY currently holds her M.F.A. in Writing for Children and Young Adults, as well as a B.F.A. in Animation, and has been developing and teaching creative workshops for the past ten years in various settings, including Rutgers University, Boston University, and Mighty Writers. Her work has been published in CICADA Magazine, LADYBUG Magazine, and Highlights for Kids Magazine, and she has worked under contract with clients such as Sesame Workshop. Her website is


ARLEN HANCOCK currently serves as the Director of Experimental Fight Pedagogy with Theatrical Trainer, and as a Teaching Artist/Program Facilitator for the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation to develop programming for adolescents. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in Theatre Education at Emerson College, and holds a B.F.A. in Acting. He also holds Advanced Actor Combatant Certifications in Unarmed, Dagger, Rapier, Broadsword, Small Sword, Sword & Shield, and Spear & Saber. His website is at


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