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Marble Surface

JULY 2023 virtual gallery

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Marble Surface
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Story Roots - Thumbnail.png
My Name is Charlotte - Carol McAfee.jpeg

Poetry Friday Flyer

Jen Pillock

Learn more about joining Poetry Friday!

Story Roots

Jesse Weiner

"Born from a delightful creative exercise from Laura Shovan, this poem is a small homage to my creative mentors."

My Name is Charlotte

Carol McAfee

Harbinger - Mark Leeds.JPG
Ode to the Monk by the Sea - Mark Leeds.jpg
New Life - Mark Leeds.JPG


Mark Leeds

Ode to The Monk by the Sea

Mark Leeds

"The inspiration for the structure of this photograph is "The Monk by the Sea" a painting by Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. Some art historians see this as one of the early turns toward abstraction and modern art's use of bands of color to communicate feeling. I am linking the Wikipedia page on Friedrich's piece in case you'd like to see the inspiration as well."

New Life

Mark Leeds

The Littles - Marilyn Underwood.JPG
Nataly's Land - Ann Malaspina.png
Con Girl - Margaret Mason.png

The Littles

Marilyn Underwood

"I took this photo at a family reunion a few years ago and it inspired the poem. The feet belong to one of my nephew's kids, but I couldn't tell you which one!"

Nataly's Land

Ann Malaspina

"More than 90,000 migrants have arrived in New York City in the past year, and this is one of their stories, as reported in the New York Post."


Margaret Mason

"First chapter of time travel historical fiction MG novel WIP"

Rest in Peace - Rachel Feld-Reichner.png
On Reading a Poem - Katherine Wiles.jpg
MendingTime_POP_July2023 - Julie Herman she_her.png

Rest in Peace

Rachel Feld-Reichner

"I wrote this poem during a recent miscarriage. The process of writing reminded me just how healing writing can be. I won't be able to attend tonight due to the 9 hour difference, but if anyone feels moved by these words, reach out! I would love to hear from you. Thank you for this community."

On Reading A Poem By My Grandmother That Is More Beautiful Than Mine

Katherine Wiles

Anne Knight (my grandmother)

"The lines printed in black pen are mine, and the ones in cursive and blue pen are my grandmother's poem."

Mending Time

Julie Herman

"Piece from Poetry Friday."

Mountain Goat - Anne-Marie Strohman.jpg
Work - Anne-Marie Strohman.png
On Roe.png

Sir Rufus Godefroy the Superb

Anne-Marie Strohman

"This is a photo of a portion of a mural in my Colorado Springs AirBnB, painted by an unnamed local muralist, of a Rocky Mountain Goat. He has been deemed our Cloud 2023 mascot and named by Lisa Hock (with inspiration from Emily Holyoak), and christened Sir Rufus by the Cloud community."


Anne-Marie Strohman

"While the poem that accompanies the images focuses particularly on the poet's work, the photo recognizes that a poet's work is rarely limited to creating poems. It includes other ways of being at a desk (in this case, my Cloud Coordinator set-up), and other modes of interacting with people, from email to Zoom to in-person teaching. This piece honors the many labors of writers."

On Roe

Tori Chester

Tender Tendrils 01.jpg
Tender Tendrils 02.jpg
Tender Tendrils 03.jpg

Tender Tendrils

Harper Villani

"Love notes written on the bark of a Madrone tree for my partner, delicately placed along the limbs of a houseplant."

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 7.31.32 PM.png

Portrait: Dark Night of Soul

Elliot Thomas

writing as a mole.png

Writing as a Mole

Louise Hawes's Workshop

Jenifer Pillock 03.jpeg
Jenifer Pillock 02.jpeg
Jenifer Pillock 01.jpeg

Campus POP and creations from the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Jen Pillock

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